My Vision

My vision is to be the world fastest growing and most rewarding company delivering quality products to genuine customers and also to enlighten others in this industry to become a successful entrepreneur.

My Mission

My mission is to make trustworthy customers all over the world by rendering quality services from my nation. And also to enrich a long term relationship with my customers in order to embrace them as One World One Family.

My Company

KAVIVEL INTERNATIONAL, a proprietor company of Arun.V was established in the year 2013. At initial stage, we focused our footsteps on domestic market and later on, at a gradual but continuous phase, we stepped into the international market via Exports. We are from southern region of India. We deal in Export of products such as Clay Pots, T-Shirts, Cold Pressed Oil, Spices and Herbs and also we import only Cotton/Denim or Textile Garments Waste. All the products that we Export are from Indian region only. Quality of products and our customer satisfaction are our ultimate goal and we never comprise the quality of products in sake of money.

Price of the products may vary due to various reasons (Time Factor, Demand & Supply) but the quality of products will not vary which is a assured guarantee from KAVIVEL INTERNATIONAL. As we are very genuine in our work, we also expect the same genuineness from our Buyers as well. We supply products only if the deal ends in WIN-WIN situation since we focus only on trustworthy clients.


Mr. Arun Velusamy graduate in Master of Computer Science has his feats of experience in various MNCs with sound knowledge in Information Technology. Being passionate towards developmental process, he has undergone many R&D programs in global market in the fields of goods supply in order to meet the demands for products in different cross-cultured regions.

As a multilingual person (4 domestic languages namely Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and 2 international languages English and Japanese). He has developed his knowledge in trading business as an active participant in various Export Council Training and activities. He has involved in various social activities and contributed his efforts in NGOs in order to develop the social well-being. Especially in Yoga and Meditation in alien with Art of Living. And also act in a fast paced approach towards customer and business relation with more innovative ideas.